At United Therapy Center, every new client is seen as a totally different and unique individual. Lisa Liguori, MA, BCBA, LBA, and the team, therefore, offer them unique services at their two locations in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles and in Riverside, California. This is the reason they put a lot of emphasis on all patients’ backgrounds—including their traditions and culture— while conducting their Applied Behavioral Analysis.

The team at United Therapy Center strongly believes that a robust, scientifically proven therapeutic approach like ABA therapy requires bringing together and utilizing the history of the patient and clinical expertise to yield actual and accurate results. In that case, they ensure their programs are tailor-made and based on every patient’s needs.

They offer customized instruction-based programs built around the specific elements of the patient’s family traditions and cultural values. They also help in the development of social skills and healthy playing skills.

As part of their comprehensive programs, the team trains parents and caregivers as well. The most important aspect our professional clinicians do before beginning the training sessions is learning their traditions, cultural values, unique situations, and defining characteristics. We find this important to be adequately sensitive to culture. The parents and caregivers are then trained on the best ways to modify the behavior of their child and maintain positive changes.

Whatever the case may be, a good treatment plan cannot work unless the patient’s (child’s) background—their culture, traditions, language‚ and their unique tastes; likes, and dislikes are put into account. To learn more about the center’s individualized approach, call either office or book an appointment online today.

Lisa Liguori, MA, BCBA, LBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Lisa Liguori, MA, BCBA, LBA is a board-certified Behavior Analyst providing ABA therapy to patients at United Therapy Center, at their two locations in the Sawtelle area of Los Angeles and in Riverside, California.

Lisa attained her Bachelor of Arts in psychology at Concordia University, in Irvine, California, and a Master of Arts in forensic psychology from Argosy University, in Los Angeles. She attended the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she earned her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) specialization. She has worked with children with autism and related disabilities in home and school settings. She has been practicing Applied Behavior Analysis since 2007.

Lisa’s experiences have included severe behaviors, parent training, social skills, developing skill acquisition programs, and providing emotional and educational support to the families and children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

Lisa is affiliated with the California Association For Behavior Analysis and the Association for Behavior Analysis International.