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Difficulty in social situations affects many children across the autism spectrum. Specific support for developing social skills helps autistic children, teens, and young adults build the confidence and self-esteem they need to function in daily life. Lisa Liguori, MA, BCBA, LBA, designs social skills programs that reduce anxiety and increase positive social behaviors while celebrating each child's unique qualities. To learn about social skills programs in the Sawtelle area of Los Angeles and in Riverside, California, call United Therapy Center or schedule a consultation online today.

Social Skills Program Q&A

What is a social skills program?

Like language, learning social skills generally happens naturally as children encounter different social experiences. 

However, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may not easily absorb social customs and rules of etiquette from their environment. They may feel uncertain about how others expect them to act or struggle to interpret “cues” during social interactions. 

Social skills programs at United Therapy Center include therapeutic interventions and instruction that help your child understand and participate in social situations. 

Children across the broad range of ASD presentation, including children with mild communication difficulties and those with little to no spoken language, benefit from social skills training. 

Based on your child’s unique needs, Lisa creates personalized programs to reduce anxiety and enhance self-confidence during social interaction. 

What are the benefits of social skills training?

Social skills training provides your child with an opportunity to practice social behavior in a safe, supportive environment. At United Therapy Center, Lisa uses evidence-based strategies that may improve appropriate social responses, reinforce positive behavior, and reduce unhelpful behavior.

Developing social skills may benefit children with autism in ways that continue into adulthood. Social skills programs can help build friendships, foster self-awareness, and improve academic performance. 

The skills taught at United Therapy Center could enhance their ability to succeed on the job, maintain healthy relationships, and enjoy lasting self-confidence as an adult. 

Which social skills will my child learn?

At United Therapy Center, Lisa tailors social skills programs around many factors, such as family traditions and cultural values and your child’s age, communication level, and their individual strengths and needs. Based on these elements, your customized program targets a wide array of skills, such as:

  • Appropriate eye contact 
  • Assessing emotions
  • Interpreting facial expressions
  • Understanding gestures and body language 
  • Greetings
  • Initiating conversations
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness 

Social skills programs at United Therapy Center also include age-appropriate instruction about expected behavior in specific social settings. 

Younger children might learn about waiting their turn; teens and young adults may practice expressing opinions, explore workplace expectations, or build strategies that lead to healthy friendships. 

For more information about social skills programs for children with ASD, call United Therapy Center today, or schedule a consultation online.